Shanti-Peace Pure Essential Oil

$ 14.95


*A beautiful mix of frankincense with light and dark ambers. Shanti means peace. 1/3 Oz Roll On.

Light and Peaceful. A very popular blend, more of a feminine essence. Invokes a feeling of peacefulness. Peacefulness comes from within. When there is peace in ones heart it projects through the character. If we are at peace with ourselves we will bring peace to the world.


Frankincense has been used as a treatment for everything including:

  • Depression        *Nightmares        *Fear        *Irritability   
  • Anxiety        *Claustrophobia        *Bereavement
  • Allergies        *Coughs        *Arthritis        *Bronchitis
  • Eczema        *Laryngitis        *Abscesses        *Infections
  • Flu        *Bug bites        *Asthma        *Head colds

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